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'When they do speak they all seem to have Scottish accents. Those taking part were all excellent, highly trained soldiers.

'In real life the siege began when a group of six gunmen stormed into the Iranian embassy in South Kensington, London, on April 30th 1980.

Pictured: A still from the movie showing an explosion as SAS men storm in Dramatisation: Jamie Bell, best known for his role in 'Billy Elliot,' plays the character of Lance Corporal Rusty Firmin who was among of the members of the elite unit that ended the six day long siege in dramatic style The counter terrorism operation was watched by millions of people on TV over the May Day Bank Holiday in 1980.

The film is based on Firmin's book about the rescue and he was also an advisor on film which is a co-production between GFC Films and the New Zealand Film Commission.

It also gives the wrong impression to a whole new generation of people who watch the film and take it as being what went on.'What angered me most was the portrayal of the other SAS men.

They all come across as grunting simple-minded men who can't string a sentence together.

The former SAS sniper, who helped storm the embassy and shot dead one of the terrorists during one of the most watched and admired military operations in British history, lambasted every aspect of the film.

'Those watching the film would come away with the impression that he was in charge of the whole mission,' he said.'That is just wrong and is a disservice to the more senior people who were there.Acting US Attorney Joon Kim said at a news conference that Mr Mesri was in Iran.He said Mr Mesri would face consequences even though US authorities could not immediately arrest him."He will never be able to travel outside of Iran without fear of being arrested and brought here," Mr Kim said.Mr Kim described Mr Mesri as an "experienced and sophisticated hacker who has been wreaking havoc on computer systems around the world for some time".Prosecutors said Mr Mesri had worked on behalf of Iran's military to attack military systems, nuclear software systems and Israeli infrastructure.

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