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i know i don't worth much and that at least i make some people happy but sometimes i wish they would be less hard on me. As when you asked me to put these clamps on my foreskin and to keep them the whole day. There is a saying that no man can serve two Masters.

i can understand that some people want me to put some weights on my balls but what about hitting my fingers with a hammer on purpose? i didn't have the clamps but even if i had, i don't know how long i could have kept them on. What you are experiencing now is a symptom of trying to serve everyone.

You say you are losing control..never had it and you never will. The journey to total surrender has started and you will never be content or happy if you start resisting now. If you get multiple directives to eat shit...devise a way to eat it once and cc the Tops together. The choice of wearing underwear is for people with the freedom to choose. That dog is your better and you need to communicate submission to it by body language. I want you to write back and tell me you accept these simple rules to live by. Fuck it in and out about 6 to 10 times leaving it inserted. Now that you can see how easy it is get fucking busy.

You don't deserve control, you deserve to be controlled. If you get a demand to break a bone or cut or disfigure yourself permanently then realize that the requester does not know what he/she is doing. If you must sleep in a room with others..well, find a way to be naked when you sleep. Dress and go about your business seeing how long you can leave it in. For about 12 to 24 hours it will burn a bit when you piss. (to be continued) i'm sorry, i tried, i swear i really tried for a long time but i couldn't insert the qtip all the way in my piss slit. If you keep working on it and get used to the sensation it will happen for you and you will probably enjoy it.

My foreskin was already very sore and irritated because i had to scrub it with sand paper a few days before and i really paniked when i saw i had to work on it even more. You are correct in stating that you probably can't continue on like this.

You should also realize that when I or for that matter any other dominant Alpha male give you tasks we are unaware that you have already had to eat shit two other times.

You probably will get a lot of piss related assignments since it is easy to do alone and videotape. Imagine how much more satisfying it would be for you to have a Master who abused you and beat you and then allowed you to sit at his feet with your head on his knee while he stroked your hair. By that I mean for the next week you sleep on the floor, eat on the floor and engage in any leisure activities without sitting on the furniture of your apartment. I expect to hear from you soon with an essay on why you are a worthless piece of shit and why you are unworthy of humane treatment. It's still burned deep and small blisters appeared around the burning. i know i need to hurt my cock and balls because it's the only way for me to use them, i can't use them to fuck because only real men can do that. the only sexual intercourse i can be involved in is to suck cocks and take cocks up the ass, not to receive pleasure but to please others.

It was a very intense relationship which ended unfortunately. I enjoyed watching you put that cigarette out on your balls. Too bad I could not hear your cries and see the look on your face. M i'm sorry i didn't answer before but i had a very busy week and also other orders to follow that took some time.Then I would like to see you lie on a bed with your head on the floor. It amuses me to see your humiliation..tears would be even better. A lot of people ask me that and i can't do it for everybody so i don't do it at all.Place one end of the tube in your mouth and attach the tube to the funnel. Very simple task to start with - love a couple pictures and describe the taste and colour of your piss. Do not let any escape your mouth...swallow all your mud. I have to say that at this moment I started to feel there was something different with him, I liked the way He was talking to me and thought that He could well become my Master. Now get busy and eat the shitcum sandwich fuck face. i don't keep the old ones, i just send them as a proof i did what i wasasked to. And even though 4 alligator clips is not very expensive, it's not very cheap either for me. I can understand the not wanting to have to purchase items though. i don't know if i should keep on doing all this because i think i'm loosing control over it.It's either my urethra that burns or my nipples that are swollen and irritated or my balls like when you told me to put out that cigarette on them, the pain lasted for a long time. That being said, I think we can agree on a couple of points. If it tasted good any cunt boy could eat it and would.i know that i can take more pain now than before and that it's only by getting more pain that i will learn to take even more, that i should see that as a training, but.. And even if i learn to take more, the assignements always seem to get harder and harder, so it's not even easier for me. What makes you exceptional is that you do eat shit when you are instructed to.

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It is actually quite a turn on to read the torment in your message and it makes me want to wrap you into my arms and hold you until you are calm and ready for my abuse.

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